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The Techie Tips Clique Membership

This Membership group is dedicated to adults who aren't necessarily retired -- they’ve just “rewired.” 

We have businesses or hobbies that can benefit from modern technology, we are willing to learn new skills, and we like things made simple, easy and fun.

Members are mostly self-taught and have some gaps in their understanding that can usually be solved with a little 1 on 1 tutoring or basic instructions, and they want help when things change suddenly with no warning...which is so often the case with apps and services these days.

Mardi posts new tips each week in response to member's questions and comments.

  • Membership also includes
  • Courses and Tutorials
  • Notes and practice exercises
  • quick access to Mardi for Q & A
  • Weekly Office Hours on Zoom
  • Technology News Flashes
  • Discounts on private tutoring
  • Being part of a community of like-minded adults, who understand and support each other.

Life is too short to waste time on being frustrated with technology.  Join us today and learn how to make technology simple easy and fun.


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